Armed with an unparalleled vision of music and a capacity to craft the most intricate emotions into sound, B-Front is unquestionably one of the most profound and aspiring artists within the hardstyle scene. As a producer, B-Front is notorious for drawing in listeners with his supernatural atmospheres and mysterious storylines and as a DJ, he is known for his infinitive energy and mesmerising effect he unleashes on the crowd.

The man behind the act, Bob van der Palen became infatuated with music during his early childhood years and after becoming acquainted with his neighbour’s studio, it wasn’t long until he purchased his own equipment and began bringing his creativity to life. At the ripe young age of 10, most children are interested in sports teams or playing games, however at this age Bob was already immersed in producing Trance. After a few years of producing Trance, Bob discovered hardstyle and was immediately fascinated by its sound, leading him to begin sending his demos to various labels.

In 2005 and at the age of 15, B-Front burst into the scene when he released his first track “Motherfucking Psycho” on DJs Records which was followed by his chart-topping hit “Lunatick” in 2006. Gaining immense support from industry heavyweights, the name BFront was put on the radar which sparked his determination to prove that the best was yet to come. In the following years, B-Front continued building his dark and enigmatic sound which can be heard within tracks such as “Evil,” “Confuse” and “Quarantine” with Bass Modulators. From early on in his career, Bob was recognised for his unique and boundary breaking approach to the genre but little did he know that this sound would transcend time and spread to all corners of the globe…
After performing at a range of small-scale and local parties over the years and releasing his music on various labels, 2010 was a year that brought an incredibly deserving breakthrough for B-Front – his first release on Fusion Records. “Magic” alongside Frontliner rapidly became one of the most prominent anthems within the harder styles and although the pair was recognised as musically opposite, the chemistry that they had together in the studio was incredible and resulted in a whole new avenue in B-Front’s career. Quickly becoming one of Fusion’s most valuable artists, B-Front continued to release a plethora of incredible tracks such as “Neophobia,” “Sleepwalker” and “Awake” alongside Digital Punk which showcased his atmospheric crossover between melodies and darker tones.

B-Front’s musical legacy continued throughout 2011 which saw him releasing stellar hits including “Virus,” “For The Girls” with Digital Punk, “Rebirth” with Ran-D and “Inner Creativity” which subsequently secured his name on some of the biggest line-ups such as Defqon.1 (The Netherlands and Australia), Intents Festival, Tomorrowland, Reverze, Dominator, Q-BASE and Mysteryland. B-Front was not only renowned for showcasing his obscure and cryptic sound throughout his performances but his intense connection with the crowd and energy on stage was so unique that DJ sets became a next-level experience that stimulated all senses.

Alongside an already impressive solo discography, the following years saw B-Front collaborating with other pioneers to create “Delusion” with Frequencerz, “The 4th Kind” with High Voltage, “Worth Fighting For” with Adaro and “Spectral” with Digital Punk. Apart from these stellar collaborations, another evergreen solo track was released which threw hardstyle into a curveball and served as an inspiration for other colleagues and budding producers. “Undiscovered,” which was the Team Green anthem for Hard Bass undeniably became one of B-Front’s biggest hits to date; the track redefined hardstyle as not only ‘party music’ but also a medium to bring intense and powerful emotions to the surface. Although B-Front was renowned for his extremely atmospheric energy within his music, he has also used his signature sound to create some of the biggest party anthems such as “Psycho” and “Fatality” with Frequencerz as well as his remix of Unknown Analogue’s “Blackout.”

Apart from a performance schedule that’s packed to the brim and some huge releases in his agenda, another huge development came into B-Front’s career in 2015 that saw him teaming up with a stellar team of artists to establish a personal platform where his productions could thrive. Alongside Adaro, Frequencerz and Ran-D, ‘Roughstate’ was established as a platform to represent high-quality and sophisticated hardstyle and also be a home to his exclusive collaboration B-Freqz, alongside Frequencerz. Since the conception of the label, B-Front released tracks such as “Witch,” “Ghost Town” as BFreqz and “Blackness,” which has been recognised as the ultimate atmospheric bomb and one of the biggest hits in the hardstyle scene.

Throwing all senses into overdrive, B-Front will take your enthralling and tangible journey. Prepare, for the ultimate musical experience.